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Building Your Email List

During a consultancy call with one of our clients this week we talked about building their email list with an aim to initiate a regular newsletter.  Whilst they have sign up options on their website and they could ask people direct to sign up (or add folk without their permission which is both not allowed and bad practice so don't do it), this tactic will most likely only get a very small return.

You Need to Provide Value for your Customers

Rather than simply ask someone to sign up, give them a reason or something in return. We discussed what the client had that may be of value for their potential newsletter subscribers. As with a lot of service providers, knowledge was the answer - other options could include:

  • a discount voucher
  • a white paper
  • a free pen or gift
  • a spreadsheet (think accountant and providing say a basic spreadsheet for a plumber - something we do with one of our clients)

We discussed what knowledge they had that would be of value to give to a customer in return for them signing up for the newsletter and came up with 2 options which then grew to more. We decided to give away some hints and tips that would help their potential customers find out some information. During the discussion it became evident that we could even segment the information given out by geographical area.  This will allow them to target specific people in specific locations and say "sign up for my newsletter and I will give you some hints and tips on how to find out about this in your location".

The Landing Page

In order to make this process efficient, we will create several landing pages - a page that focuses solely on getting the customer to do what you want them to. In this case it's provide their email address in return for some hints and tips. There is nothing else on this page other than their branding, not even their website menu.  This removes all the clutter and any form of distraction so the customer gets to complete the action you want (and they expect as they have followed your link to the page) with no distraction.

Here is an example of a Landing Page on the Let's Cook Scotland website.  We have included some audio here to entice people to listen before they download.

Give us a call on 0800 988 5521 if you are interested in building your newsletter list and/or a landing page.


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