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Building Your Mailing List

Our previous blog post looked at ideas for reaching more people and getting more customers. We are now going to look at several ways to get your potential customers' contact details to add them to your list.

Here we are focussing on emails. When you do a Facebook advert, or any online advertising, asking for someone's email address is expected and whilst some will appear cynical about you asking for their email address, if it is in return for an offer, competition entry etc then they will understand that! So how do we get their email and what do we do with it?

Basic Marketing

One method is to ask them via email or social media - you need their permission to add them to a mailing list so don't miss that step. You then manually add them to a mailing list in whatever email marketing software you use be it Salesforce, MailChimp, Constant Contact or Business Catalyst as examples.

Once added don't forget to send regular emails!

Integrated Marketing

Most email marketing software will come with an email opt in facility so send people to the sign up page from your social media posts asking them to add their email address. This helps automate the process for you and your customer. The email marketing software should operate a double opt in feature which asks the email owner to confirm they wish to be added - this is the permission stage as anyone can fill in an email address on your form.

Best Practice - The Landing Page

In our view the best thing to do is to create a dedicated landing page on your website where your customer adds their email address and are taken to a thank-you page which then encourages them to check out an element of your website connected to why they've just agreed to receive your email.  If a competition, link to the page detailing the product or service you are offering. The idea is you have done the hard work to get them to your website, try to keep them there routing around and hopefully they will purchase something or ask for more information. The very least you will get from this is increased stats on page views!

We will be creating a landing page for one of our clients this week so feel free to sign up for our marketing hints and tips newsletter to get a link to the end product.


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