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Common Website Mistakes

A common mistake we believe business owners make with their websites is to just talk about themselves and what they offer. It is an easy thing to do, after all, you want to tell potential customers about what it is you do, what you sell or what services you provide. The problem is, and in particular with service businesses, your customer might not know they need your services or that you can help or solve their problem. We discussed this last week with one of our new clients who is a hypnotherapist.

The natural thing is to focus your content and keywords on hypnotherapy rather than the things that hypnotherapy can help with. Take someone for example who is looking to lose weight. You would be inclined to include the following in your website content:

Hypnotherapy can help you lose weight

You might title a blog post or an article like this, and write all about what hypnotherapy can do and yes, whilst that would be useful information for someone looking to lose weight, is it the right thing to say? Someone looking to lose weight is likely to search for:

Help me to lose weight

The main difference being they have no idea hypnotherapy can help them so are unlikely to use hypnotherapy in their search terms. Your website content should explain to visitors that what you do could help them so focus on your customers needs, pains or problems, not necessarily your solution, bring that in after explaining how you can help. We are not saying ignore hypnotherapy in your website content and SEO, just consider your customer and their needs.




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