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Customer Satisfaction and Modern Technology

Customer delight is probably the best way to have someone talk about your business - if they are totally satisfied with your service then they will come back and they will talk positively about you.

During a recent trip down south I found myself on a delayed train in Cambridgeshire which gave cause for concern as I was boarding a plane at the end of the train journey and had about an hour between connections. 10 years ago I would have been utterly clueless as to my situation other than I'd be stressed about making my plane - the last of the day! Last week whilst stressful, it was also an amazing reminder of what we can do today!

Today's Technology Can Delight!

We Begin

The train stopped for several minutes when the driver announced there was signalling problems at Ely and trains were backed up - no further info at this time. Result = panic!

The Internet

The carriage was crowded and everyone was on their phones browsing or calling - letting folk know they'd be late -  * 1st modern day comms delight.  I opened my Trainline App - pah, train showed on time - come on Cross Country, you can do better.

20 Minutes In

By 20 minutes the driver informs us the issue is up to Ely so once we are past there, the journey will continue normally - 2nd modern day comms delight, customers updated!  I check Trainline and yes, the train is delayed and new time posted - ok, half an hour late still have time to make connection - 3rd modern day comms delight!  Bing - EasyJet message me - my plane is delayed by half an hour.  Oh how nice my plane is delayed gives me more time to catch it (never thought I'd be happy a flight was delayed) - 4th modern day comms delight.

I was informed and up to date and I made my connection and flight home - am I angry the train and plane were late? Well a wee bit disappointed but I was left in awe at modern comms and in fact am telling you a good story resulting from my train and plane being delayed so how's that for Customer Delight!

Keeping customers informed, especially in bad circumstances can turn a bad experience into a good one so stay connected to your customers and keep them delighted.  We try to do that with our blogs, newsletters and social media - if you are interested in doing the same for your customers then get in touch on 0800 988 5521.


Whilst hanging around on the train waiting for it to move, a colleague from the USA messaged me on Facebook asking about website breadcrumbs!  We had a conversation about web design and projects whilst I was stuck on the train in Cambridgeshire UK and he was in New jersey, USA!  The internet and what we can do these days never ceases to amaze me!


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