Customer Service - key to retain loyal customersHaving recently worked with London based Customer Service Experts Potentio, we enjoyed dialogue with them discussing Customer Service and Customer expectations. Potentio offer a service to test companies customer service using secret shopping which includes phone calls and walk ins. To us, unless your customer is unreasonable, we feel it is only natural to want to meet if not exceed customer expectations. After all, a happy customer can mean a regular customer and a happy customer can mean referrals to bring in more customers. This is not rocket science and you probably already do it to a certain extent:

  • you have a favourite supermarket
  • you have a favourite take away or fast food chain
  • you have a favourite paper
  • and so on...

So knowing this works, it should be every businesses aim to keep customers happy and coming back.

This works in most cases yet it is fairly common knowledge that insurance companies cash in on loyalty and rather than reward repeat customers, they normally increase the annual premium and you have to contact them to get a better rate! Not great customer service - we and many of our friends/family always always always change insurance companies each year. Not only that, we always go via a cashback website so not only do we get a cheaper policy (with the same cover), we get cash back too. We have yet to come across an insurance company that has rewarded loyal customers at renewal time (I have been driving since 1987!)

I digress, the main aim here is to ensure you treat your customers with respect, honesty and fairness, that way they stay happy and stay with you. When you compare the amount of advertising and marketing you need to do to get new customers, the extra effort you go to to retain one customer can lead to them recommending you thereby increasing your customer numbers and increasing the chance of more referrals.

Go forth and keep your customers happy!


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