Many businesses now offer loyalty cards geared to provide discounts for their regular customers which in turn encourages them to use it more so both the business and customer benefit:

  • the business gets more trade from the customer
  • the customer gets rewarded for loyalty
Email marketing for restaurants

Email marketing is a powerful method of keeping in touch with your customers and encouraging them to at least visit your website (which at bare minimum improves your stats) and at most to do business with you. Combining a loyalty scheme with email marketing fits so well and can be hugely profitable for businesses.

An example from one of our customers is Cargills Restaurant and Bistro.  They created their Diners Club loyalty card offering your 6th coffee/tea for free and buy 9 lunches get the 10th free.  This is advertised in the restaurant and can be promoted on Facebook, but by combining it with an email sign up on their website, we are making the loyalty card system very easy for the restaurant and customer:

  • they can promote the club on Facebook and encourage people to sign up on the website
  • they promote the club in the restaurant and then add customers to the mailing list manually (or even get them to fill in the form online at the restaurant)
  • customers can join the club from the comfort of their own home/office
  • the restaurant can then use the email list to keep members updated on offers
  • customers get emails in advising them of offers and can decided to take part or not - they don't have to check Facebook or pop into the restaurant to find the latest offers.

All this is made easy using Business Catalyst for the restaurant website:

  • the website comes with integrated email marketing and a customer database
  • customers sign up on the website so may stay and look around the website to view menus/book a table etc
  • customers are automatically added to the Diners Club mailing list
  • the restaurant sends their email to the list and gets feedback on who has opened it, what links they've clicked etc
  • they can review campaigns to see which were popular and which were not so popular hence can revise and improve for future campaigns

Hop over to their website and sign up for their restaurant loyalty scheme.

Sign up for Cargills Restaurant & Bistro Diners Club


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