On of the reasons we choose to use Business Catalyst is it's integration and the ease with which you can link to your website from within you email newsletters. Morevoer, in helping our customers develop their businesses, we can often identify marketing possibilities for our customers to help turn their great ideas into a focused marketing effort. The idea with newsletters being they can:

  • give something away to customers (an offer, information etc)
  • engage with your customers and keep them informed
  • keep you front of mind with your customers ready for when they 'need' your services

Hints and Tips for making your own wedding cake newsletterThis example is from one of our recent projects with Shona Sutherland of Taystful.

Shona asked us to create a new website for her as she was ready to take her business to the next level where a self built website just wasn't cutting it for her. Part of our process is to cover a detailed discovery of a business to help us understand both our customer's business but also the service they provide for their customers. Shona was keen to provide hints and tips on making a wedding cake (or any special occasion cake) for her website customers to benefit from her experience - a great idea with today's marketing, customer expectations and developing customer service. Shona provided a page or 2 of A4 full of hints and tips from planning to delivering the cake to the venue - the complete package.

We quickly identified that we could split the information into a series of emails that could be sent out to customers automatically so we helped Shona set up the following:

  1. a landing page for customers to sign up for her hints and tips email series
  2. the landing page has terms such as 'make your own wedding cake' - a term you could expect someone to type into a search engine if they wanted to make their own wedding cake making the page SEO friendly
  3. Shona can use the landing page as a link in her Social Media activities to encourage people to sign up
  4. each email in the series of 6 contains lots of hints and tips but also, where appropriate, links to Shona's cake decorating courses or wedding cake gallery which has 2 benefits. Targeted customers (ie someone who is definitely interested in the link content) review Shona's products/courses and it improves the website stats making it more popular.
  5. after signing up, the customer gets the first email in the series straight away and is informed they will receive the next email in 7 days time.
  6. Each week, for the next 5 weeks, the customer gets an email full of hints and tips and links to Shona's website where appropriate
  7. all of this happens automatically now it is set up

So from one idea of a single webpage of tips, we have created an email series that is sent automatically after sign up, that keeps Shona front of mind with customers looking to make their own cake. At worst they may well make their own cake but they will certainly be aware of Taystful by then and will have hopefully received some useful information. At best, they may attend one of Taystful's courses or even ask Shona to make the cake.

We will be covering further examples of email marketing in further blog posts so please look out for them, subscribe via the RSS feed above. Feel free to comment below.


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