Continuing our theme this month with Email Marketing, this blog post will consider ideas for bookkeeppers and accountants to use to help build their email marketing lists.

Our thinking behind encouragning customers to sign up for newsletter lists is to give them something in return, so you need to think about who your customer is and what they may be after. If you are looking for new clients they will either be looking for their first accountant/bookkeeper, or they will be looking to move from one they may not be happy with. Looking at people who don't have an existing provider, they are more likely to be doing their books themselves and hence for you to 'get in early', think about what you could provide that might help them.  Here are some examples:

  • free business mileage spreadsheet
  • free basic accounts spreadsheet for B&Bs
  • free basic accounts spreadsheet for plumbers
  • free basic - ok, you get the idea

You may already give these away to new clients anyway so why not give them to potential clients? If you use the wording in the list above, it is reasonable to assume that someone looking to do their own accounts would type in 'free accounts for plumber (or their trade)' into the search engines - your free download provides that answer and fit so can help with Search Engine optimisation. You can create the free download in return for their email address and they are then in your 'sales funnel'. Posting links to your free download on your social media will also encourage people to your downloads, building your mailing list, boosting your website stats and boosting your business.

These still need work in keeping things ticking over and you need to be sending out your regular emails.  You could get clever with this and add all plumbers to a 'plumbers mailing list' - if someone downloads your plumbers spreadsheet, it is fair to say they are probably a plumber. You then send that lsit email newsletters focussed on using the plumbers spreadsheets gaining their trust over a period of time so when they get so busy they need to pay someone to do their books, you are front of mind.

We hope you find that useful - here's an example we did for one of our clients - free business mileage spreadsheet.


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