Many say email marketing is a great way to help market your business as it keeps you in touch with your customers and can encourage them to use your services etc but it can be difficult to assess the benefits.

We recently helped one of our customers with some email marketing that will allow us to give a couple of examples on how email marketing can give you an indication of what will be popular and what affect an increase in subscribers could have.

The website in question is Blairgowrie Physiotherapy and we recently sent out a newsletter advising their customers of new classes they had starting in 2015 for pilates, yoga, meditation, antenatal/postnatal and personal training classes. Using this as an example and simplifying the number of subscribers to an easy 100, let's consider whether we can gauge the popularity of the classes before they start.

Knowing we wanted to use the newsletter to provide an indication, we sent it out with 5 sections that included links to the 5 different classes. That meant we got an indication of how popular classes might be. From the newsletter statistics we determined 73% opened the newsletter:

  • 22% clicked the pilates link
  • 15% clicked the yoga link
  • 5% clicked the other 3 classes (5% each)

From this we can determine:

  1. A 73% open rate is excellent and shows the newsletter list has people who are interested in Blairgowrie Physiotherapy rather than a purchased list which is pointless - the majority wont be interested in physio.
  2. From the above it would appear that the busiest class will be pilates followed by yoga with the other classes having lower interest.

If we use the total number of recipients as 100, that means around 22 clicked the pilates link. If we had 1000 people in the mailing list then by simple percentages we could reasonably expect over 200 to click the pilates link and show an interest in that activity. Whilst we cannot say all of those would come to the pilates class, you can see the impact on the interest levels.

One future aim could be to increase the number of subscribers who are intersted in yoga - how could we do this?

  1. Asking everyone who attends yoga classes to provide their emails to keep in touch.
  2. Perhaps boost a Facebook post about yoga that asks people to sign up if they are interested in yoga.
  3. Writing several blog posts on the benefits of yoga, sharing this on social media and encouraging readers to sign up for the email list.

A few ideas there to build upon for the future.


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