We all know that we should back up our computer files, documents and so on and keep copies safe and separate from our normal working machines but how many do it? Would you be able to cope if your hard drive gave up the ghost and refused to let you have any information? What about email back up?

We had an issue this week with one of our customers whose mailbox had reached the limit (400mB which is not insignificant) so we had to do some deleting. Mistakenly thinking our client had the emails from their inbox on their computer, we deleted a batch of them only for our client to see them disappear from their computer - the emails were still on the server not their computer. No problem, we'll just move them from the trash back to the inbox - unfortunately as the mailbox was full, the items moved out of trash but were not allowed into the inbox and they subsequently disappeared! Crumbs, how do we recover this.

Thankfully, contacting our service provider, they confirmed that they back up emails twice a day as part of their disaster plan and after taking our details, they recovered our clients inbox from the morning's backup.

Disaster avoided and proof of how an excellent back up process can save the day.

So if you happily work away without consideration about 'what if', take a few minutes to determine whether you're essential documents etc are backed up and how you would retrieve them. If you haven't, a half hour spent now (depending upon the size of your company) could undoubtedly save a huge heartache later.


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