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Lead Generation from Competitions

We've helped quite a few customers with competitions in the past and when Stewart at Blairgowrie Motorhome Hire mentioned a competition to win a 3 night break in his new motorhome, this was another opportunity for us to help. Thanks to Stewart for allowing me to share the results so far. At the time of writing (12 February 2017), the competition is now half way through and the impact has been pretty impressive: 

  • Facebook likes up from 119 to 200
  • Facebook post reached over 14,000 people so far
  • Facebook post shared 132 times so far
  • Website visits peaked at over 1000 in the first 2 days
  • 118 new Newsletter subscribers 

The key thing to note is the prize has great value and so is attracting a lot of people. Whilst the response to the post and competition entries have been impressive it is the longer term awareness that should benefit Blairgowrie Motorhomes the most. By running this competition their company has been exposed to over 14,000 people. Moreover, those entering the competition, whilst some may be serial competition entrants(!), many more will be people who fancy a holiday in a motorhome.

Just think about that - people who would consider a holiday in a motorhome.

They are Stewart's ideal potential customers and we have gathered their contact details and we have permission to send them newsletters. They may not book now if they don't win, they may not book this year nor ever, but we may just email them around the time when they are thinking about a wee break and they may just think - "oh yeah, what about a break in a motorhome, always fancied that".

The elements of the competition are as follows:

  • The Facebook post encouraging like and share
  • The Landing page on the website about the competition - notice there is no other navigation on this page, no distraction, just competition info
  • A competition Terms and Conditions page
  • A mailing list for the competition - stores entrants email address and allows us to export entrants to select the winner and to inform everyone who won
  • A Thank You page after they enter their details

I hope that has been of some use and gives you an idea for your own lead generation.


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