I had an interesting experience this week relating to one of our own projects, namely www.sellyourbandb.com which is a website that lists Bed & Breakfasts for sale. We are marketing it quite a bit at the moment and are getting good results. Our friends over at Creation Social Media (CSM) pointed us to another site they had come across whilst assisting in our Social Media development.  Surprisingly, we had not seen it before which is astonishing considering it is called www.bedandbreakfastforsale.com!  When we created Sell Your B and B, we did search for that domain but I have a feeling it must either have been for sale by one of those Domain Seller companies that grab good domain names and sell them for extortionate prices or we actually had seen it and were so unimpressed that we have forgotten! 

Either way, looking at the site again this week after CSM directed us to it, our response was we were not inspired to look past the home page. Why? Well it just doesn't inspire us, from a web design perspective it looks very dated using the default blue for links and it looks like things have just been added here there and everywhere rather than thought out.  Have a look and see if you have the same impression and please feel free to comment below!

Now the owner has obviously put in a lot of time and effort into his business and he is probably pleased with the results, however you being pleased with what you have done is not the complete picture. It is best to get an independent view from someone who wont say you've done a great job cause they don't want to hurt your feelings!

First Impressions Count so make sure you deliver the right impression!


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