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Getting a return from your Website

It's pretty simple really, the reason you have a website is to attract customers and grow your business. Even if you say it's just to let people know you are there or your opening times, the reason the website is there is to get that customer in your door or to buy from you. So forget what you want to put on your website, start thinking about what your customer needs from your web presence.

This subject came up this week during a consultancy session with a client who we are working with to help build their business.  They provided their content, well researched, well written and it covered everything they wanted to offer and why their potential customer needed that service. It was all there written and complete and made sense from a 'this is what we offer' point of view. However, it was clear that there was a lot of cross over and many services belonged in many different offerings and, like the pieces of a jigsaw, they needed sorting so that they made sense.

Organising your services to make it simple for your customers

Here are the stages to help you get a better return from your website:

  • Identify your services/products
  • Identify your customers and where they are
  • Identify what they need
  • Create your marketing and website to guide your customer to easily obtain what they need from you

This is what we do and we are pretty good at it as we work with logic and we understand the Discovery process (mentioned regularly in our newsletters) and hence who a businesses customers are likely to be. By determining who they are and hence what they need, we are able to extract what your customer needs from your list of services and then create your web pages guiding the customer through the information rather than just dumping it all in front of them and expecting them to decipher it. We call this the customer journey, which starts way before they land on your website, as they work through your information in a logical manner. We will also provide calls to action throughout their journey so when they are at the 'I want this' decision, we make it easy for them to 'get it'.

By carefully identifying your services, your customer, their needs and making it easy for them to work with you, you will see a better return from your website than if you just dump all your information on there and hope your customers get in touch.

So plan your content and web design to help your customers through their journey with you and make it easy for them to take the next step to bring you on board with them.


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