Last month we explained how we were using Google Apps for business and that we were using it for Email, contacts and our calendar.  We have also created a 'Virtual Office' for one of our clients who are now also using it for email, calendar and contacts and we even provided several spcific training videos for them to set up their own email accounts, calendar details and contact information.  We are now moving them into the Google Drive which will allow them easy sharing of documents and wanted to explain how we use Google Drive ourselves as freelance website designers.

Working on websites mainly takes place in our office in Blairgowrie where we can concentrate on the job in hand - creating online business websites that attract more customers! We have a local copy of the website on our PCs and we have a copy on the laptops we use when we are out and about. Previously, we routinely synched our laptops with our desktops to ensure both contained the latest versions especially for the websites we updated regularly.

Arrival of Google Drive

Now with Google Drive, a cloud based secure storage area, we store a copy of our 'in progress' websites as well as those we support regularly, in our private area of our secure Google Drive. Google provides a utility that you download onto your PC, laptop etc that allows you to hold a local (by local we mean your own computer/laptop) copy of your Google Drive.  The Google software will automatically synchronise the Google Drive with your laptop/PC which means we actually retain 3 copies of our Google Drive based files:

  • a copy in our Google Drive cloud based storage
  • a copy on our desktop
  • a copy on our laptop

Moreover, when our laptop/desktop is connected to the internet, the Google Drive is always checking to ensure all 3 areas contain the same versions of every file.  You can actually view your Google Drive on your desktop whilst you are logged into your Google Apps account in a browser and change the name or move a file in the Google Drive folder on your desktop and seconds later see that change reflected in your Google Apps drive.

We can now easily keep working whilst out on the road meeting clients as we never have to worry about whether we are working on the latest information providing we have an internet connection.  When we get back to the office, again we don't have to worry because as soon as we switch on our PCs, we know they will synch with the cloud storage automatically.  Fantastic!

The cost of this - amazingly, it's free.  Yes free, you can have a Google Apps business account for up to 10 people for free!  Simply go to Google Apps for Business and set yourself up, it is actually fairly straight forward but feel free to have a chat with us to find out more.


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