I sit here as an online business provider - you'd probably call me a web designer as I create websites for businesses but I prefer to define it as creating an online business that fits in with your existing business and helps you manage and market your business.  Whilst I am working out how your business operates and how we can integrate your website to help, Twitter is asking me to:

  • Can you keep up with Social Media and everything else?check out this blog
  • comment on what I think of social media
  • think about how I use social media
  • read some search engine optimisation hints and tips
  • review my Facebook business page
  • read about the new Facebook timeline
  • use Facebook timeline for my business

are you keeping up with it all?


Holy smoke, I need another 24 hours in the day to keep abreast of what is going on! Then the penny drops, I can't do it all myself!  If I claim I am an online business provider then that is what I should do, provide online businesses.  If I spend time becoming a Facebook Timeline expert I am not providing online businesses and hence am not earning.  If I spend time doing SEO for my clients, I need to become an SEO expert so I can't at the same time provide online businesses and hence cannot earn. If I become a Twitter expert.....you get my drift, unless there are more hours in the day or there are more of me, I cannot do what I claim I do nor can I do what I really want to do and that is help businesses improve their efficiency by working with them to create their online business.

So, rather than try to be a master of everything (read jack of all trades), I need to concentrate on my business and, where appropriate, utilise other experts, who have the time to be experts in theirs. As a result last year I gave up trying to be a Graphics Designer, I didn't have enough time to practice so I could produce decent graphics and be an online business provider. Although I can build in SEO into your online business (website), I now outsource on-going SEO work to someone who knows the trade. I know how to use Facebook and Twitter but haven't had the time to work out a strategy so just post here and tweet there when I remember or happen to be in the right place at the right time! I now have an appointment with Creation Social Media in Perth on Thursday so they can pass on their expertise and I can achieve in an hour or so what would take a much longer concentrated effort for me to reach.

Bottom line is I have learned that I cannot do everything and if I try to I will not only burn myself out, I will not be able to provide online businesses which is what I do. So if you are trying to do everything yourself, take a wee breather and ask yourself what it is you want to do and how best you can achieve it!


    • Graham Innes
    • 08-Mar-2012 11:17 AM

    A really good blog post Steve and obviously from the heart! Like you, looking around all the aspects of modern online business is a minefield and almost an impossibility to be a master of everything. We found that in realising early on that being in and
    staying with one subject matter it allows us to offer a more specialised strategic approach to our subject. Your website is very eye catching and lends itself to attract clients looking for your services. We wish you continued success

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