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Helping Increase Turnover by 20%

Having a nice looking website may not help grow your business.

We were delighted to receive an email from Sarah at Let's Cook Scotland saying her turnover was up by over 20% in the year 2015/16. She contacted us in November 2014 as she couldn't get hold her of her web design company to make some updates to her website in time for Christmas - unfortunately a common complaint in this industry. We worked with her and after explaining how we work, we developed a brand new website which launched in late June 2015. Considering she advised her business growth had stagnated after 5 years in business, this 20% boost was great to hear and to be a part of.

How did the website help grow the business?

Firstly, lets be clear, the main reason that Let's Cook Scotland's turnover increased by 20% is because Sarah has a great business and delivers a great service for her customers. Without that, no marketing or website can help. Our involvement simply improved the structure, layout and customer journey through the website making it easier for her customers to both find information and purchase places on her courses.

100% Customer Focus

The purpose of a website is to get your customers to interact with you and in Let's Cook  Scotland's case, to purchase places on a course either as a gift or for themselves. Gift vouchers were another good seller so these were also included. Before embarking upon the website, we needed to understand exactly how Let's Cook worked and more importantly, we needed to understand their customers and what they wanted. Once this was defined, we could then develop the customer flow through the website from categorising courses to filter them through to the course descriptions and importantly, provide dates and availability right there at the decision point - is this course for me?

With Gift Vouchers, we had to make it straight forward to purchase and to redeem during course purchase - sounds simple but very complicated to implement. We developed a bespoke voucher system to fit the business model thus making it a straight forward purchase and redemption process.

Supporting Factor

Not only did we build the website but we also provide on-going support each month. This allowed Sarah to easily make amendments and updates to her website even if they were more complicated than updating text and images. This also provides an opportunity to discuss business ideas and development allowing us to offer advice on what we can achieve within the website and marketing channels as well as an independent view on new ideas. Using this monthly support, Sarah has been able to nudge and tweak the business and website direction as her business continues to develops.

Not All Plain Sailing

Building a website with complicated functionality isn't easy and we had many challenges along the way which needed resolving and in some cases, a compromise. Creating the functionality took 6 months and there has been a lot of further development work enhancing the functionality but all geared to help Sarah run the business and improve customer experience. We learnt a lot from the work and challenges and are thankful to Sarah for her patience and understanding when things were difficult!

The website continues to bring in business and we look forward to the continual development over the coming years to meet Let's Cook Scotland's needs. Want to know more about what we could do for you? Call Steve on 0800 988 5521, complete our Get a Website Quote form or emial us on


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