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How does your business show up on the internet?

Getting your business website built and hosted on the internet is one of the first steps most businesses take when it comes to marketing these days and whilst this step is essential, how you achieve that is key to how your business will show up and be found. Having a website is the first step, ensuring the content, structure, images and site foundation are key to creating a lasting presence rather like a decently built brick building.  If the foundations are solid it will last and suit you well, if the foundations are poor then it this will reduce the longevity.

Your Business Listings on the Internet

Part of getting found online relies on your website authority - how popular it is and how many other websites etc link back to yours.  The idea being if lots of websites link to you then you must be good at what you do. In the past this meant many link farms being set up and unscrupulous SEO firms just creating websites as link lists for their clients - a practice which you will now get severely penalised for as Google etc now look at the quality of the sites your links and details are included on.  A poor link farm linking to you will reduce your authority not increase it. So you need to make sure you are on the right places.

Being on the right websites is a great start but often you find your details may be incomplete, incorrect or duplicated - all of which will reduce your potential authority. Fixing the information on these websites will increase your authority and this is where citation reports can help.


Your business information and details on sites like Yell, Facebook, Bing etc are referred to as citations and it is good practice to check these regularly to ensure information is up to date and correct. Google has been known to find information from somewhere else and update your business page for you thinking it is being helpful! 

You can do a manual check yourself to look at all your listings but a service from an SEO provider like Bright Local or SEM Rush can do a report for you. 

Free Citation Report

We are offering you a free citation report if requested via our citation report landing page so feel free to fill it in and get your report.


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