We have covered the check, check and check again ethos in previous posts as well as looking at your business from your customer's perspective. We also cover these in our regular Newsletters but we still come across things that people should be addressing otherwise it can reflect badly on your business.

These days people use Desktop PCs, Laptops, Tablet PCs including iPad and Mobile Phones to browse the internet hence if you have a website, just because you don't own an iPad yourself, you (or your web designer) should still check your website in as many devices as you/they can. If your website display is a mess, you are likely to turn customers away.  Now most sites will work fine on all devices if they have been built correctly but we, as a responsible web design company, always check to make sure.  Things we come across regularly on websites:

  • Doesn't display properly in all modern browsers - they are not all built the same.
  • Latest News dated 9 July 2009 - are you now closed?
  • A calendar on the home page displaying April 2012 - hello, it's September, why is it there and what value does it add for your customer even if it is up to date?
  • Doesn't display correctly on an iPad

Remember, just because you can't see it doesn't mean that your customers can't either.  If you'd like us to check your site in an iPad then just let us know, we'll do it for free!


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