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There is no shortcut to Search Engine Optimisation just as there's no shortcut to becoming an expert in your field - you have to do the legwork.  And note, SEO is just one half of the equation, the other is providing the right service/product when the search finds you.

The Networking Analogy:

Think of it like a networking meeting - loads of people there ready to buy, you just need them to speak to you.  Here are 2, well 3 options:

  • The 'We can get you to the top of Goggle' option - these are the guys you pay money to, they then go around and tell everyone to speak to you to buy your product/service irespective of what that is or whether you are great at it. Folk come and speak to you and realise maybe you don't sell what they want or provide the service they need.  Money wasted.
  • The 'We can do your SEO for you' option - you pay these guys to get them to understand you and your business and they then use that information to help promote you to others.  They tell folk you are good at x, y and z and if those folk are interested they approach you to hopefully do business.
  • The DIY SEO option - you go around the delegates and talk to them about what you do, what you've done and the impact that has had on your customers


To do SEO yourself you need to think about the following:

  • Ensure your website is built using search engine optimisation (quick download, good page names, titles etc)
  • Ensure your website content makes it easy for potential customers to know they need you
  • Ensure your social media presence reflects your brand and your business
  • Add content by Blog, news etc that is relevant, current and useful for your potential customers
  • Share your content via social media on the channels your ideal customers use
  • Comment on other experts in your field, link to their blog posts and interact with them
  • Interact with your customers using the channels you have identified - including physically at networking etc

Why SEO?

Simply? You can spend a fortune on buying a property in a prime location where loads of people shop/look for the service you provide and have money they want to give you in return to keep you in business. You are basically paying to be in the place where your customers are.  And/or, you can set up a great looking shop on the internet and then wait for the millions of folk on the internet to make you rich...  Back to the networking example, you are now one business in amongst a million others, the reason most people will do business with you is trust, a recommendation, brand awareness and a good price. Customer awareness is what you need to sell your wares hence the more people are aware of you and your website, the more successful you will be (assuming you are doing good things that is!).

A word of warning, remember the 'I can get you to the top of Google' folk?  They say that to everyone and we cannot ALL be at the top of Google!  Happy SEOing!


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