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Creating an Email that returns over £7k

If only it were that simple, send a newsletter then sit back and let the money roll in!  But we all know it's not that easy, it takes time and a good strategy/plan to execute. So this blog post will cover how one recent newsletter we sent for a client resulted in over £2k worth of business.

Update 13 June - there have been a further 4 bookings made so the income is now 6 x £1,200 = £7,200.

Here's the evidence:

In both instances above you can see both people clicked on the link in the campaign which took them to the website page about the offer, they then went through the process to book onto the 2 week cookery course @ £1,200 each.

The Decision Process

We sent a similar newsletter out last year which got no bookings - why?  I always use the 'pint of milk' as an example.  Most people need milk every day hence purchasing it is a simple decision, we need milk, there's loads of places to buy it so you do.  Going on a 2 week course and paying £1,200 for it is not something you do on the spur of the moment. Hence we had to develop a strategy to help the potential customers make that decision.

The Who and the Why

First we needed to identify why someone should come on the course - we needed to identify who those people are so we could build an avatar of them then use content to peak their interest. So we developed a 'who is this course for section'.  This identifying who is this for is the same process we use to create our customer's websites that earn them revenue.

Next we needed to give an example of why people should come on the course and what better way than to ask those who had been on the course why they chose it and importantly, how had they used it since. So we created a feedback form for those who had been on the course and asked them via email to complete it.

Using extracts from the feedback we created slides to include with the details of the course similar to this:

And we restructured the 2 Week Course page to focus on it.  We also created an Ad Rotator for the home page to monitor popular links - the 2 week course one has been clicked more than twice that of the blog and children's course links.

More Promotion

After several posts on Facebook raising awareness and a general email back in April we sent out an email totally focussed on the 2 week course which provided the 2 bookings recorded above, the first 2 hours after the email sent and the 2nd the next morning.

What to take from this

Here are a few take aways:

  • don't expect a quick return for something that is not an easy decision to make for your customer
  • develop a strategy on building interest in what you are selling
  • the strategy must be used to raise awareness
  • ensure you identify who needs it, how you reach them, what they need to know and most importantly, allow them to make the decision and complete the purchase/action themselves

The image above gives 100% confirmation that the email marketing worked but it is not a simple send and attract process. Email marketing and this type of strategy are an integral element of our projects.


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