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Newsletter Frequency

How often do you need to/should you send out email newsletters?

It actually depends both on your business and your customers and this should be considered when developing your marketing strategy. By identifying the pains and problems you solve or products or services you provide AND identifying who your customers are, will allow you to determine the frequency of your email marketing. One thing is for sure, one size does not fit all.

Case Study

Not an in-depth study, just something that happened.  I ordered something from New Look for my 18 year old daughter's Christmas and during check out, decided to tick the subscribe button (remember last weeks article - why do email marketing) for research purposes - honest! After 7 days and about 5 emails I got fed up and unsubscribed - I didn't need an email in every day, that's just annoying for me. When I unsubscribed there was no option for less frequent emails - why?

The Customer

My needs will be different to my 18 year old daughter - she'll probably be happy with an email every day, she loves fashion and clothes! Me? Once a month would be fine, I might have selected that option had it been available then they may have hit me with an email around a birthday and I think boom, great idea. Sadly not an option so they have lost that opportunity.

Can you see how marketing needs are dependent both on your customer and your products.  Marketing is about reminding your customers that you are there and perhaps engaging them at the time when they need your services/products.

Next time we will look at segmenting your mailing list.


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