We have recently been assisting 2 of our existing customers with the transfer of their website and emails to our services.  Surprisingly, or perhaps not, once our Customers advised their hosts to transfer their website and domains, they were met with frosty responses. One customer's account was switched off without their knowledge and resulted in a mad panic to get their website and emails live again. This account was with a small website company. Our 2nd customer was with one of the large cheap hosting companies who have been advising 10 days for a transfer - 10 days is outrageous considering we purchased a domain, redelegated it to a Business Catalyst site and had it live within about 30 minutes from the time of purchasing the domain! Today our customer finds themselves locked out of their control panel and the advice to submit a support ticket to initiate the transfer - again 10 days is the suggested timescale.

Why do companies provide poor service when someone wants to leave them? Don't they realise that 1 unhappy customer will tell many people? This poor customer service is probably why their customers are leaving in the first place so why don't they take responsibility for their poor customer service and let their client go under good terms rather then annoy them even more?

When dealing with customers who want to leave, do it responsibly and do it promptly - yes, ask them why they wish to leave and perhaps offer a compromise but if they say no, let them go!


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