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Lead Generation from Competitions

We've helped quite a few customers with competitions in the past and when Stewart at Blairgowrie Motorhome Hire mentioned a competition to win a 3 night break in his new motorhome, this was another opportunity for us to help. Thanks to Stewart for allowing me to share the results so far. At the time of writing (12 February 2017), the competition is now half way through and the impact has been pretty impressive:  

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Building Your Email List

During a consultancy call with one of our clients this week we talked about building their email list with an aim to initiate a regular newsletter.  Whilst they have sign up options on their website and they could ask people direct to sign up (or add folk without their permission which is both not allowed and bad practice so don't do it), this tactic will most likely only get a very small return. 

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List Segmentation

Last time we looked at email frequency and identified that the frequency of sending newsletters is dependent upon your business AND your customers.  This is why we spend time with our clients to determine who their customers are and then identifying what their needs are.  If we recognise our customer's different needs then we need to take this into account when determining our newsletter lists. 

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Newsletter Frequency

How often do you need to/should you send out email newsletters? 

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Further to our previous blog on email marketing statistics in January, we suggested that the most popular class at the new premises for Blairgowrie Physiotherapy would be Pilates. Carla responded at the time saying that it was actually yoga that was the more popular and had most enquiries which seemed to go against the email click rate. However, at our monthly meeting with Carla in February she advised that she now had a waiting list for Pilates and in fact Pilates is the most popular class. 

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