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Lead Generation from Competitions

We've helped quite a few customers with competitions in the past and when Stewart at Blairgowrie Motorhome Hire mentioned a competition to win a 3 night break in his new motorhome, this was another opportunity for us to help. Thanks to Stewart for allowing me to share the results so far. At the time of writing (12 February 2017), the competition is now half way through and the impact has been pretty impressive:  

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Ideas for getting more customers

We all want more customers, that's every business in your street, village, town and city all looking to attract pretty much the same people and it is getting harder and harder to attract them and to stand out from the crowd. We don't all have the budgets for huge marketing campaigns and can only afford to do small things so we need to make sure we do things smartly. 

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Customer Satisfaction and Modern Technology - blog post image

Customer Satisfaction and Modern Technology

Customer delight is probably the best way to have someone talk about your business - if they are totally satisfied with your service then they will come back and they will talk positively about you. 

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Common Website Mistakes

A common mistake we believe business owners make with their websites is to just talk about themselves and what they offer. It is an easy thing to do, after all, you want to tell potential customers about what it is you do, what you sell or what services you provide. The problem is, and in particular with service businesses, your customer might not know they need your services or that you can help or solve their problem. We discussed this last week with one of our new clients who is a hypnotherapist. 

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Getting a return from your Website

It's pretty simple really, the reason you have a website is to attract customers and grow your business. Even if you say it's just to let people know you are there or your opening times, the reason the website is there is to get that customer in your door or to buy from you. So forget what you want to put on your website, start thinking about what your customer needs from your web presence. 

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