How does your business show up on the internet? - blog post image

How does your business show up on the internet?

Getting your business website built and hosted on the internet is one of the first steps most businesses take when it comes to marketing these days and whilst this step is essential, how you achieve that is key to how your business will show up and be found. Having a website is the first step, ensuring the content, structure, images and site foundation are key to creating a lasting presence rather like a decently built brick building.  If the foundations are solid it will last and suit you well, if the foundations are poor then it this will reduce the longevity. 

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Common Website Mistakes

A common mistake we believe business owners make with their websites is to just talk about themselves and what they offer. It is an easy thing to do, after all, you want to tell potential customers about what it is you do, what you sell or what services you provide. The problem is, and in particular with service businesses, your customer might not know they need your services or that you can help or solve their problem. We discussed this last week with one of our new clients who is a hypnotherapist. 

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Search Engine Optimisation 

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