Website design or business developmentIf you are asking what has business development got to do with website design then perhaps you should take a few minutes to consider the 2 and identify what you want your website to do. If you are saying "well it's obvious, I want my website to advertise my business so I can tell people what I can do for them (eg service provision or selling items) and convert them into paying customers" then great, you've answered the question.  You want your website to help develop your business and increase sales - that's business development.

So if you are thinking about a new website and your budget is £500, think about whether that is really the type of money you want to invest in developing your business. If you go to a web designer how much business development advice do you think they will provide for a £500 budget?  How much will they put into considering Customer Conversion - will they even be aware of it? You may get a pretty website that tells people what you do but will you be able to update the website to keep customers informed? Ok, you've got a CMS, great, you can update your content - do you, will you have the time? Will you remember both to do it and how to do it? Is your website developer interested in helping you continue to develop your business after they have your initial investment? Do they care about your business to be there to help you post launch?

To help market and develop your business you need to be using Social Media, perhaps have a regular Newsletter, manage your customers so you not only meet their current needs, but you can anticipate their future needs. All these things help you build your business which is why Graphite Web Solutions now develop online business websites solely on Business Catalyst. You will find that all website providers that use Business Catalyst are concerned about YOUR business development, we all recognise the benefits your business can get from an integrated solution and we love helping our customers develop their businesses! And that is not just during the development of your website, we want to continue to support you 3, 6, 12 months later and beyond!

Clearly there are plenty of other systems out there that are capable of covering the points made above so Business Catalyst is certainly not the only choice. What we will say is that because Business Catalyst provides:

  • A content managed website
  • An integrated Customer Database
  • Integrated Email Marketing
  • Blogs, Forums, Announcements
  • E-Commerce
  • and more

you know that anyone providing a website built on Business Catalyst will be able to address these areas for you!

Sceptical? Contact us to find out why we love Business Catalyst and whether we feel it could benefit your business. When we say "whether", that does mean we will tell you if Business Catalyst wont fit your requirements as we do care about your business.


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