It is certainly very easy to create your own website these days and publish it live and sit back and feel good that you have done a great job. But have you? How many home built websites are built by people who do not realise that there is more than just Internet Explorer out there and that Internet Explorer is perhaps unfortunately still the most un-standardised browser there is? Need an example, here we go, this is how a local website looks in Internet Explorer version 9 on 15 December 2011 - (words blurred on purpose):

And now the same page in Google Chrome (displays this way in Firefox, Opera and Safari browsers):

Quite a difference and makes the page unusable. Unfortunately although it looks right in IE9, the scroll bars don't work so you can't scroll down to read all the text. We will say however, that it does work in IE8 so, as long as their customers are using IE8, great. In case you were wondering, we have told this company 3 times that their website does not display correctly on all browsers - you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.

Sadly, this website has actually been built by a Web Design Company so even they can get it wrong and this is what can happen if you launch and forget a website.  Here at Graphite Web Solutions, we build and test our websites on IE7, IE8 and IE9 as well as Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari both on windows and the Mac.  This ensures your website launches displaying correctly on the most popular browsers.  Moreover, at your annual renewal, we check your website again on the latest browser versions as part of our Customer Service.


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