Whilst we fully endorse the need to support Customers and perhaps go above and beyond what you would normally expect, there is a time when this approach may not actually be the right one. Your relationship with your customer be it business to business or business to customer goes a long way in determining how far you are prepared to go to help. A great relationship and both sides will be keen to work together to achieve a mutual aim, however when things get one sided and you are doing all the giving then at some point you need to balance the effort you are putting in against the return you get.

We recognise from experience that it is difficult to say no to business especially in the early days when you are building your client base, moving one on may not be the first thing you consider. But do stop and think that if you are continually having to chase a customer to pay invoices or you give them all the pointers you can to help them succeed and they do not see the benefit you are giving them, perhaps it is time you reviewed the relationship. There are times when a customer's lack of response or failure to see what you are trying to help them with becomes a drain on your time and resources that is never going to be recompensed so take the tough decision and set an ultimatum that encourages your customer to put up or move on!


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