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Why do Email Marketing?

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You probably get email newsletters into your inbox - normally because you have added your email address to a list and given the sender permission to email you. That permission bit is the key with email marketing - it is someone (your customer) saying "hey, please keep me updated with what you are doing, your products, your services' or something along those lines. They are asking you to send them regular emails and they expect you to send them so ensure you do.

Email Content

If all your newsletters are about selling products or we did this, that and the other, and they are all about you, you may find your customers unsubscribing or at least ignoring your newsletters so remember:

  • pique their interest 
  • give them something of value for them as a thanks for their time taken to read your newsletter
  • engage with them 
  • include a call to action should they choose to find out more - this would normally be to take them to your website where they can purchase or find out more about your services

At the very least, keeping in touch with customers and potential customers will remind them that you are still in business so if there is a time when they need your services or they know someone who does, you are front of mind.

Worked together with a social media strategy and email marketing will help grow your business.

Next week we will look at email newsletter frequency.


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